Sunday, June 26, 2005

Complex Endgame

In this game an interesting and complex endgame situation came about. My oponent was about 50 or 60 points ahead (cant recall the exact score) but this meant I had to get a bingo to win the game. With the letters ?deirst I had many options. After analysing the game with Maven it suggests the best move is VERDITS as it does not open much for the opponent. CREDITS also being a good move as it also does not give much away except that an H is out and CH is playable.

On further inspection I discovered that the high scoring letters H and K were still out and that HIKES or something similar on the triple already open could give the opponent a nice score.

So taking this into account the best option is to play off one or two letters, and aim to go out with a bingo. Playing DE at H3 blocks the possibilty of HIKES, or HIKER and makes a second opening for a bingo.

After simulating the situation in MAVEN, DE at H3 is clearly a strong move and most likely the best move in this situation.

As it happened my opponent had the letters for HIKER and made it after I played CREDITS.

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