Thursday, March 30, 2006

Opening Rack Simulation

Opening Rack Scenario

Tonight I had this opening rack in my game: AEJNSTQ

I immediately thought of JANES, and played it, although JEANS, or JEATS would have been better positionally.

I then simulated this rack in maven and was surprised that QAT was the top preference by quite a few points. The next option was a surprise too of CHANGE JQ. Of course this would make it easier to get bingos.

I think JEANS or JEATS is best because if scores 40 points whereas QAT only scores 24. But it's interesting to see what Maven thinks.

I then simulated in Quackle and QAT come out best again! QAT had the highest win percentage followed by JEANS.

1 comment:

Hubert wee said...

Dear me, it's not just the score but also the quality of the leave, openness etc. The 16 pts isn't much when u consider the difference in leave (QT vs JENS) and the board (exposing more floaters and S on star)

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