Friday, April 21, 2006

Some words from the Nationals 2006

ABUSION – Evil or corrupt usage; abuse; wrong; reproach; deception; cheat.

BENZOATE - noun: any salt or ester of benzoic acid

BOTHRIA – Plural of Bothrium

BOTHRIUM – One of the slitlike sucking grooves found on the scolex of pseudophyllidean tapeworms, such as the broad fish tapeworm of man, Diphyllobothrium latum.


COELOM – a cavity in the mesoderm of an embryo that gives rise in humans to the pleural cavity and pericardial cavity and peritoneal cavity

CRUNKLED – To cry like a crane.

EUPHROE - A block or long slat of wood, perforated for the passage of the crowfoot, or cords by which an awning is held up.

FILAGREE - noun: delicate and intricate ornamentation (usually in gold or silver or other fine twisted wire)

GUNDOG/S – a dog trained to work with hunters by locating and retrieving game


GAUCY – fat and comely (a compliment and insult rolled into one; see fussock)

GRECQUE - (n.) An ornament supposed to be of Greek origin, esp. a fret or meander.

GRISEOUS - (a.) Of a light color, or white, mottled with black or brown; grizzled or grizzly.

MOULINET - (n.) A machine formerly used for bending a crossbow by winding it up.
(n.) In sword and saber exercises, a circular swing of the weapon.
(n.) The drum upon which the rope is wound in a capstan, crane, or the like.

NAUTILI - noun: a submarine that is propelled by nuclear power
noun: cephalopod mollusk of warm seas whose females have delicate papery spiral shells
noun: cephalopod of the Indian and Pacific oceans having a spiral shell with pale pearly partitions

OLIGURIA - noun: production of an abnormally small amount of urine
noun: abnormally small production of urine; can be a symptom of kidney disease or obstruction of the urinary tract or edema or an imbalance of fluids and electrolytes in the body

RHODANATE - (n.) A salt of rhodanic acid; a sulphocyanate.

SARDONIC – disdainfully or ironically humorous; scornful and mocking


SEXTARY* - (n.) A sacristy.
(n.) An ancient Roman liquid and dry measure, about equal to an English pint.

SINEWING – To strengthen with or as if with sinews. Ie. Strengthen tendons.

STURNUS - type genus of the Sturnidae: common starlings.

THIONYL/S – The bivalent group SO - sulfinyl.

TREDDLE - (n.) A prostitute; a strumpet.
(n.) See Treadle.
(n.) The dung of sheep or hares.


TROCHI - (pl. ) of Trochus

TROCHUS - (n.) Any one of numerous species of marine univalve shells belonging to Trochus and many allied genera of the family Trochidae. Some of the species are called also topshells.

UNTRUSS - (n.) Alt. of Untrusser
(v. t.) To loose from a truss, or as from a truss; to untie or unfasten; to let out; to undress.

WEIGELIA – A hardy garden shrub (Diervilla Japonica) belonging to the Honeysuckle family, with white or red flowers. It was introduced from China

YULETIDE – period extending from Dec. 24 to Jan. 6

ZOETROPE - An optical toy, in which figures made to revolve on the inside of a cylinder, and viewed through slits in its circumference, appear like a single figure passing through a series of natural motions as if animated or mechanically moved.


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